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Adam Gorecki 22.10.2018 14:41
Dear Sirs,

I am writing on behalf of company Kondor Sp. z o.o. from Poland, one of the biggest suppliers of footwear to supermarket chains in Central and Eastern Europe.
Among our strategic partners are Carrefour, Auchan, Jeronimo Martins (Biedronka), Aldi, Selgros, Kaufland REWE (Penny) and MetroGroup.

Please allow me to introduce our company in brief:

KONDOR is the trading company that has got over 26 years of experience in footwear business.
Our headquarters is in Łódź, Poland, yet we have also a subsidiary company in Romania.

Throughout the years, we have established strong business bonds with suppliers in the Far-East, allowing to offer best quality and price offers to our customers.

We have organization in the Far East which allows us to offer shoes not only under DDP Europe Incoterms but also based on FOB Far East ports Incoterms.

We also have our own production of branded and licensed (Disney&Marvel, Nickelodeon: Paw Patrol; Shimmer&Shine, A-One Entertainment: PJMasks) footwear in China and Europe.

Our production is carefully checked by our quality inspectors.
We are a member of Amfori https://www.amfori.org/node/292/field_member_country/PL - global business association for open and sustainable trade, being experienced partner for our customers in the field of physical and chemical testing of products, quality inspections and audits.
Our orders are placed only in BSCI certified factories.

We can provide you with all kinds of footwear you might need ranging from home slippers, through regular shoes assortment ending up with products like rainboots or bath slippers.

Please advise if you would be interested to receive our footwear offer.

According to EU regulations, please be so kind as to fill in access form (link to the form is below), which is easy and fast to do online.
Then, we will be entitled to send you our offer and catalogues which we believe might be of your interest.

Dear Sir or Madam,
in connection with the entry into force of new provisions related to the protection of personal data (GDPR), We kindly ask you to go to the address below and fill out a special form regarding the processing of your personal data:




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